Black Mountain College Celebration\

September 25-27, 2008
Hickory, N.C.


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N.C. Dance Theatre performance of "Bolero"

N.C. Dance Theatre performing Bolero

North Carolina Dance Theatre

N.C. Dance Theatre and the N.C. School of the Arts Dance Program
Saturday, Sept. 27
8:00 - 10:00 pm
P.E. Monroe Auditorium, Lenoir-Rhyne Campus

Four pieces will be performed; the first three by the N.C. Dance Theatre and the final performance by the N.C. School of the Arts's School of Dance.

N.C. Dance Theatre:
by Dwight Rhoden

Clive Barnes in Dance Magazine called Verge “a work of fever pitch intensity…an ideal carpet for the young NCDT Company to prance on happily.” Verge, created by Dwight Rhoden for NC Dance Theatre is a hybrid of ballet, modern and jazz dance styles. “Verge starts with a solo for a man who possesses all of the qualities that the rest of the cast tries to achieve for the next 26 minutes, so it starts with a solo which is called the ‘Impulse.’ He represents that hot center of the ballet…what it is they are all shooting for which, is the bulls-eye, achieving the actual fruit,” described choreographer Dwight Rhoden.

The Four Temperaments
by George Balanchine

The Four Temperaments, set to Paul Hindemith’s commissioned score, epitomizes George Balanchine’s pure dance style, fusing classical steps with a lean and angular style. The ballet is inspired by the medieval belief that human beings are made up of four different humors that determine a person's temperament. Each temperament was associated with one of the four classical elements (earth, air, water and fire) which in turn were the basis of the four humors (black bile, blood, phlegm and bile) that composed the body. In a healthy body, the humors were in balance. But if one became predominant it determined an individual's temperament. Thus a person dominated by black bile was melancholic (gloomily pensive), by blood was sanguinic (headstrong and passionate), by phlegm was phlegmatic (unemotional and passive), and by bile was choleric (bad-tempered and angry). The titles of the ballet's four movements — "Melancholic," "Sanguinic," "Phlegmatic" and "Choleric" — reflect these principles.


by Mark Diamond

Bolero is set in a Latin-American village on a steamy, hot afternoon. The men are at siesta and the ladies are bored. To get the men moving, the ladies use all of their allures. Slowly the men begin to take notice and their passions awake. As intensity builds, the stifled and languid energy begins to fly with sensuous abandon. Choreographer Mark Diamond said Ravel’s “Bolero” inspired him to create this piece.

N.C.S.A. School of Dance

by Merce Cunningham

Directed by Brenda Daniels, former Cunningham Studio faculty member and current NCSA Assistant Dean and dance instructor, the NCSA School of Dance will perform Cunningham’s Duets as part of the evening’s dance program.

DUETS is one of this great choreographer's most popular and enduring works. It features an evocative, percussive, rhythmic score by John Cage. The work is a series of duets ranging in mood from tender and sustained to wild and brilliant. Costumed in rainbow colors, the dance is a celebration of dance, love, and human potential.


N.C. Dance Theatre

N.C. School of the Arts