September 25-27, 2008
Hickory, N.C.


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Thomas Rain Crowe and the Boatrockers

THOMAS RAIN CROWE & THE BOATROCKERS, the current incarnation assembled in 1995, is an original and ground-breaking North Carolina-based world-music, spoken-word super-band that features dynamic performances from highly-accomplished musicians and modern electronic technology, The Boatrockers have been publicly praised by such icons of the music industry as Pete Townshend of The Who and saxophonist Joy Harjo of Poetic Justice. This eclectic, versatile and inventive eight-member ensemble--playing all original music with Crowe's original poetry brings a new and modern literary look and sound to the world-beat genre through the band's interest in ancient as well as ultra-modern musical genres and traditions.

As a group, which has grown from four to as many as eight members in the last few years, The Boatrockers have performed at all manner of events and venues, including festivals such as The Rumi Festival in Chapel Hill, NC, the Sufi Healing Order's 'Healing in Our Time' conferences in Atlanta, GA and Asheville, NC. This band has also played at churches, mainstream music venues, colleges and universities. The Boatrockers has two CDs to its credit: The Perfect Work published and produced by Omega Productions, and LIVE at Lipinsky Hall, which is on the Fern Hill Records label.

Thomas Rain Crowe (the founder and vocalist of The Boatrockers) - is an internationally reknowned and award-winning poet, translator and performance artist, and author of some twenty books. As well as being the creator of the poems and lyrics performed by the band, he also plays wooden flutes and percussion.

Chris Rosser - is a nationally known and award-winning singer-songwriter and string-instrument virtuoso. He brings the through-line of Eastern instruments to the Boatrockers eclectic mix in such instruments as the keyboards, sarod, dotar, jumbush, sitar, saz, as well as the Spanish guitar. A much-sought-after studio musician, his solo recordings include Archeology, The Holy Fool, and Hidden Everywhere (2006).

Wayne Kirby - is a former member of the Debbie Harry Band (Blondie), has composed and performed music for both Broadway and Off-Broadway musicals, has conducted small orchestras in Las Vegas on the strip, and is an experimental electronic music composer. Currently he is a memer of the cross-genre band Jibblin the Frolines and is head of the Music Dept. at UNC-Asheville, in Asheville, NC.

Doug Douglas - is an accomplished and versitile drummer, playing everything from trap set rock and jazz, to Middle Eastern hand drum melodies and rhythms and styles. His work has appeared on many recordings and CDs. Originally from Pennsylvania and New York City, he now resides in Asheville, NC.

Sal D'Angio - an accomplished tabla and guitar player, he has studied in Nepal and India with name professionals and recording artists on both instruments and has performed and recorded with eclectic, world-music bands in both Philadelphia and Denver before joining the Boatrockers and moving to Asheville.

Greg Olson - is a recording studio owner and accomplished recording engineer. As a talented guitarist, he has recently released an all-instrumental CD entitled Speaking to the Water which was produced by legendary record producer Bill Halverson. He was a founding member of the world-music and reggae band One Straw, and is a member of his current band Jibblin the Frolines.