September 25-27, 2008
Hickory, N.C.


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Cilla Vee - Life Arts

Claire Elizabeth Barratt of Cilla Vee - Life Arts

Claire Elizabeth Barratt

Elisa Faires of Cilla Vee - Life Arts

Elisa Faires

Cilla Vee - Life Arts will perform “Modus Operandi," a spoof of a scientific experiment in the tradition of John Cage’s “chance” composition. Featuring native British choreographer Claire Elizabeth Barratt and Asheville composer Elisa Faires, it is conducted by a "Professor," played by actor Greg Congleton.

What is Cilla Vee?
"Cilla Vee Life Arts" is a performing arts organization that specializes in inter-disciplinary arts collaborations.

The Mission:
An inter-disciplinary performing arts organization that explores the ways in which the arts can go beyond the anticipated format of a "piece." Challenging the common concepts of venue, duration, collaboration and audience relationship considered appropriate while maintaining artistic integrity as priority over experimentation.

The Vision:
Health, Knowledge and Spirit through Arts, Sciences and Sacred Journey. This is a practical and essential recognition of the holistic human. Body, Mind, Soul.

The History:
Cilla Vee Life Arts was founded by Claire Elizabeth Barratt in the summer of 2002 in the South Bronx, NYC. A play on words of the French saying "C'est La Vie" or "That's Life"! It reflects the philosophy that "Art is Life".

The Venues:
Cilla Vee projects occur in a great variety of locations:

  Parks & Gardens
  Streets & Rooftops
  Galleries & Museums
  Storefronts & Restaurants
  Churches & Nightclubs